Giant husky knocks over baby boy and gives sweetest apology

Sometimes you’re just too big for your own good.

So picture this: it’s a beautiful day and the sun is probably shining outside, but in this bedroom in particular, the weather is taking a much darker turn.

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

I’m not scared, you’re scared!

This tiny balding man (we’ll call him Nathan) is just kicking back on the bed, getting ready to binge-watch some cartoons when this hairy buffoon (that’d be Teddy) comes out of nowhere to block his view.

Not one to be egged on by someone 50 times his size, Nathan doesn’t even flinch when Teddy suddenly leans in to lick his nose.

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

Game on, mister!

Nathan obviously has a lot of choice, sweary words to say – I mean just look at him breaking the fourth wall with that knowing glance.

However, being the bigger little man in this story, he decides to shove his fist in his mouth to hold himself back from saying something more colorful.

His mama taught him to play nice!

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

In an attempt to throw the experienced doggo off his game, Nathan suddenly pivots his body and makes a mad grab for some thick husky fur.

But the surprise mean girls move fails to deliver.

His chubby limbs just aren’t fast enough and he faceplants into the blanket as Teddy quickly maneuvers out of the way.

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

Like many of the greats who get knocked out in the ring, Nathan doesn’t even register what just happened.

The dumbstruck little boy, who has probably lost a few important brain cells by now, just smiles glibly like he’s seeing a bunch of stars in his field of vision.

Meanwhile, Mom laughs in the background and tries to explain the dog’s ruff behavior: “He does that sometimes.”

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

Now, you might expect Teddy to run away or cower in humiliation for knocking an innocent kid to the ground.

And he does, right there under the blanket of shame.

It wasn’t quite an admission of guilt, though.

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

In fact, it was just the opposite!

Mom gives the downward doggo a few head scritches and gently reassures him, “It wasn’t you. Ted it wasn’t you, it’s okay.”

Then, staying true to a husky’s independent and stubborn nature, Teddy declares himself “not guilty” by showing the boy his big, fluffy bum.

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

That’s when Teddy’s kind-hearted brother, Niko, comes in to save the day!

But he’s super embarrassed by the situation that brought him here.

Without looking Nathan directly in the eye, the giant beast puts his paw on top of the boy’s belly as if to say, “I’m sorry, you know how it is with the stupid runts of the family. I’m so sorry!”

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

All in all, it’s a heartwarming tale of forgiveness, friendship, and the power of a good by-proxy apology.

So the next time you accidentally knock something over, take a page out of the husky’s book and get your bro to fake-apologize for you like you mean it!

Who knows, you might just make a friend for life.

Source: Screenshot via YouTube – Life with Malamutes

Get ready for a throwdown-showdown between one overly enthusiastic husky and a thunderstruck ‘lil tyke!

Watch the video below to see all the funny action unfold.

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