Dogs’ Gentle Reactions to Meeting Newborn Twins Are So Endearing

There can be a lot of apprehensions when new parents introduce their newborn to their fur babies. Parents are usually concerned that the dogs may be too excited and eager to meet the new tiny creatures, causing the babies to be frightened. However, this clip perfectly shows how two new parents can properly introduce their babies to their three four-legged family members. The result is truly precious.

Check out this video from @mrvaughntrainor to see these two new dads flawlessly introduce their newborn twin girls to their two Goldendoodles and French Bulldog.


@mrvaughntrainor We sre so proud of all three of our doggies. Our frenchie usually doesn’t like kids but we think he knows these are his sisters 🫶🏼 #newborn #babyanddog #newparent ♬ original sound – Mrvaughntrainor


Although it’s clear these pups are more than excited to get new companions, they do a great job maintaining a safe distance to keep the babies from getting upset. In addition, users in the comments were floored at the pup’s composure during the meeting. “So sweet,” wrote one TikTok user, adding that they “have a beautiful family.” Another user, @kv19, added that “these girls are going to be so loved” and that they were “precious.”


Dogs are considered intelligent beings and seem to see the difference between adults and children, but do they know about babies?


As a new parent, you may see that your pup acts somewhat differently around your baby. In addition, your pooch may take a particular interest in them. However, experts don’t know why dogs are so interested in these tiny beings. While pups can hear, smell, and see babies, it’s unclear if they truly understand what a baby is. Regardless of whether or not dogs know what they’re looking at, we love seeing dogs and babies have wholesome interactions like the one above.


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