Dog Returned To Shelter With His Toys And Bed Wondering What He Did Wrong

A Lab Mix named Wall-E was adopted from a shelter in Maricopa County after being passed over time and time again. After much time and rejection, the precious pup was finally chosen. At last, the pooch found his forever home. But Wall-E had no idea what was about to happen next.


Wall-E was returned to the same shelter three years later with his bed and a bag of toys. The owner didn’t share the entire story as to why he had to give up his dog, but according to staff, he was heartbroken. He cried as the staff cried with him. He even had to be escorted out.


Arizona Adoptable Dogs/Facebook

The dog, now confused and lonesome, wondered what he had done wrong to be left by the one person he trusted most. Staff rallied around Wall-E to give him support. Their mission was to find him a stable home where he’d never be given up on again! That is when the shelter posted Wall-E’s sad photo that went viral and the right person saw it!

Arizona Adoptable Dogs/Facebook

Lynne Lee went to the shelter to next day with her dog, Marlee, in tow. She wanted to introduce them and make sure they got along. Well… it was a match made in heaven! Wall-E found his mom and doggy sister, and his sad tale is history!

Wall-E’s story and photos have encouraged other folks to adopt shelter dogs. We are elated that the deserving dog got his happily ever after!

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