Dog Adorably Brings His Human Brother The Funniest Things Just  In Hope To Win Him Over

Denny Ku and his wife has an eight-year-old corgi called Lilo and she is so friendly and lovely. When Denny’s wife got pregnant, the dog did not show any interest in her sibling, so, when they brought Koa, their newborn baby home for the 1st time, they had no idea how Lilo would react.

When Lilo saw her brother for the first time, she started kissing him so much. But the parents knew that it is something she does with everyone she meets.

But when the dog realized that this baby was going to stay, she had no idea how to interact with him. One day, the dog threw a ball in her brother’s bouncer as she wanted to play with him fetch. It was a funny moment for the parents, who did their best to explain to her that her brother could not play fetch just yet, but to no avail as Lilo did not understand them.

However, she continued to bring the ball or any other toy to Koa to play with him as she did not understand that he was still a baby. She also showed her brother all of her toys teaching him that anything could be a toy.

Actually, Lilo loves her brother so much as she also does the babysitting job hardly. Despite having many beds, Lilo chooses to sleep on the floor near the bassinet or bouncer. How adorable! Watch the video below.

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