Cave Explorers Find Trapped Dog In 30-Foot Pit, And Rush Down To Rescue Him

A group of cave explorers was in a normal trip in a cave when they found a dog stuck there! The dog was unable to get out of the cave as its depth was 30 feet!

The cave, that is in Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve in Indiana, had scratch marks down its shaft, which let the explorers think that there was a creature down there.

The dog was so thin, which means that he’d been in the cave for at least 10 days! Fortunately, he was able to drink some water as there was some collected rain water there. He was rescued just in time!

The dog, who was named Dewey, was taken to Harrison County Animal Control, that was able to find his owner! The dog’s family revealed that his real name is Hawkeye, and they thanked the explorers for saving his life.

Eventually, the dog reunited with his family, and he was over the moon and started jumping, wagging his tail, and kissing his dad! What an emotional reunion! Watch the video below.

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