Biker Sees Chewed Up Crate In Rural Wilderness, His Heart Sunk As He Opened It

There is a lot of cruelty in this world and even though this story starts off in a sad manner, we promise that you’ll be cheering by the end of watching the video.

Bret Winingar and his son Zach were riding their dirt bikes along the rural outskirts of Little Rock when they discovered a crate hidden in the weeds. As they got closer, they saw that the top of the box had been chewed off. They knew something was wrong when they saw this, so they immediately attempted to pry open the container.


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The pair was shocked to discover a severely emaciated dog rotting in the corner of the container. Her body was covered with bleeding wounds, which had formed from open sores she’d endured for weeks in the cage.


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The dog was named Charlie Bravo, and she received whatever food and water the kids had. They ran home as fast as they could, bringing a vehicle to pull the dog away. It was decided that the dog Charlie was in extreme shock due to hunger and claustrophobia. She couldn’t even walk because of her poor condition, but the Winingars assured her they’d look after her.


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Charlie made a slow but steady recovery with Bret’s family over the following several days. The family initially intended to foster her until she was healthy, but it became clear that they would be unable to do so. As a result, Charlie became the fourth rescue dog in her new home.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video

Charlie’s interest in bicycles grew as she got better. After all, the men who saved her were bikers. Bret one day decided to build a crate for Charlie on his bike and invited her to come along. The overwhelmed girl immediately climbed on, and there has been no turning back since then.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video


Charlie has now grown into a ‘free-spirited’ adventurer. Charlie is a true example to anybody trying to break away from a bad situation in life, as she did when she turned her life around.

Are you ready to CHEER? Well, you will when you see Charlie’s life completely turn around!

Watch this incredible story in the video below!

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