Baby Seal Found Crawling In The Middle Of Street, And Refuses To Return To The Sea

A public works employee called the Cape Elizabeth Police Department around 1:30 am about a baby seal in the middle of the road! An officer, who was confused, went to the scene to check, and found the sea animal enjoying the snow!

So, the officer was able to take the seal back to the sea! But it seemed that he did not want to stay in the sea as he was back at 7:00 am!

So, the authorities took the animal back to the sea. But that was not the end of the story as he came back to the same neighborhood after an hour! So, Marine Mammals of Maine was called by the police, and they came to take the seal under their care!

After being examined, they found that the seal has been having bad time all alone as he was weaned by his mama. So, they kept him in their hospital to be fed well and cared for. Once he is ready, he will be released back to the ocean! How amazing! Watch the video below.

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