After Spending His Entire Life On A Chain, Biscuit Was Shown An Empty Field

Amy Hines, a staff member at Dogs Deserve Better, a wonderful organization, spotted 8 dogs while she was visiting Kentucky. She simply knew that she couldn’t leave them outside alone with no shelter so wanted to do something about it right away.

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Amy knew that she had to take action and decided to stop her vehicle and save one of them. However, she decided to go all the way and took the opportunity to speak with the owner and rescued all eight of these dogs from the property. Her first rescue, Biscuit was taken to their Good News Rehab Center which is located in Virginia.


Image Source Credit: YouTube Video


For some time these dogs were living their lives chained up. However, thankfully, they are now safe, free, and loved. We absolutely love happy endings and you will absolutely enjoy this wonderful video below.

Watch this wonderful video of Biscuit taking his first run of freedom! We’re smiling from ear to ear. Please SHARE this with a friend or family member.


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