Woman Spots Injured Owl Crawling On A Busy Road And Knows She Has To Help

Laura Burban could tell that the situation of an owl laying on a busy street was urgent after receiving a call about it. So, she directly went to the scene for help.

The director of Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, Laura Burban said that owls in general would take off when they were approached by people or cars, but this one would not. At first, the rescuer though that the owl wanted to eat, so he did not take off. But when she arrived, she knew that he needed a direct help.

After taking a closer look, Burban knew that one of the bird’s wings was hurt, which made it very hard to him to fly. She did her best to rescue it by wrapping him with a towel, but it was a very hard mission as owls have the ability to swivel their heads 360-degrees. The point was to do it without stressing him out.

After many attempts, Burban managed to wrap the owl with the towel. So, she picked him up gently and put it in her vehicle. The owl is now rehabilitating in A Place Called Hope, a wildlife rehabilitation center, where he is doing great now. He will be able to fly again in some weeks.

Once he is completely healed, he will be re-released into his natural habitat. Thanks to Burban and her team of rescuers, who did a great job to rescue this cute owl.

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