Woman Drags Dog Frozen With Fright On Blanket To Get Him Into Her Car

Dogs can face unthinkable cruelty and neglect. Through behavior, their traumatic traits tell quite the tale. Fear of humans, constant shaking, and inability to enjoy life are tell-tale signs of their horrible situation. Animals deserve all the love in the world, but some callous humans think otherwise.



A dog named Bruno, who never knew kindness, was frozen with fear upon rescue. He was so afraid that he wouldn’t move. He had to be dragged around on a blanket. He desperately needed a loving hand to guide him back to who he truly was.

A kind woman named Angela stepped up to help Bruno. She had to drag him on a blanket to her car to take him home. The following day, Bruno started rehabilitation to “soften his body after being still for so long.” Angela used snacks to motivate Bruno, and it worked!


Angela was shocked when Bruno stood on his own the next morning! Bruno stared at Angela and the snack she held but was too afraid to approach her. But Angela kept at it. Even when Bruno was eventually strong enough to stand, he wouldn’t walk. It would be a long road to recovery, but the pup was so worth the effort.

Bruno slowly began to trust Angela. He soon understood her devotion and showed her how grateful he was. Check out the video below to see Bruno’s beautiful transformation!

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