Woman abandons her dog in crate next to overflowing dumpsters on a hot day

Though laws vary by state, abandoning a pet is a criminal offense in all states. Not only is it cruel, but it can also lead to the death of a pet. It is just as easy and legal to turn the pet over to a friend or family member or drop them off at a shelter. In many cases though, neglectful owners seldom have to face the consequences for their actions.

That was not the case for a Georgia woman after she was captured on a surveillance video committing the heinous act.

Abandoned beside a dumpster

It all started innocently enough with a truck pulling up to a trash collection site in Screven County, Georgia. As the vehicle comes to a stop, a woman is captured on the security footage at the dumpsite getting out of her truck and going to the back of the vehicle. What she did next left many angry.

As she opens the tailgate, she picks up a cage instead of pulling out bags of trash to throw away. Inside is a small dog. She then places the cage on the ground. Watching the video, one gets the sense of what is going to happen next.

Dragging the cage over to the dumpster, she reaches down and thankfully unlocks the cage. She then proceeds to get back in the truck.

The scrawny dog was left all alone

In a heartbreaking moment, the small dog exits the cage and moves towards the truck as it drives away. Abandoned and alone, the dog is left to fend for himself by the heartless woman who has just left him.

The dog was rescued and taken to a local animal shelter

The video shows another truck driving up, the couple inside unaware of what has just happened to the dog who approache3s their vehicle. They too drive away and the dog is alone once again. Fortunately, the dog was picked up and taken to a local animal shelter for care.

The culprit is arrested

As for the woman, she was later identified as 30-year-old Jacquelyn Symone Roberts of Sylvania, GA. She was arrested by the Screven County Sheriff’s Office and charged with cruelty to an animal and abandoning a domesticated animal.

The dog was given a second chance

Meanwhile, the dog, named Chance by shelter staff was given the care he needed. When he was brought in, he was malnourished and emaciated.

Fortunately, through the care of the staff, he now looks like a completely different dog.

“That dog was a walking skeleton ten days ago! It just shows what a little care will do for an animal,” Sheriff Mike Kile told WTOC.

For more on Chance and his heartbreaking journey, watch the video below.

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