Tourists Find Abandoned Dog In Argentina, Refused To Leave Him And Took Him To Germany

A dog was found tied up and malnourished in Salta, Argentina, by a young couple called Sophia Rosenthal and Dominik Weber. The couple acted directly by rescuing the dog and taking him with them back to Frankfurt, Germany.

The couple shared the story on Facebook saying that the dog was found eating a diaper when he was found along with 4 other dogs in a home’s backyard! The couple then asked the owner of the home if they could take Rocco, the thinnest dog, with them, and they accepted.

They then took him to a veterinary clinic to be medicated and checked up. He was also given the vaccines he needed but the vaccines needed 3 weeks, and they needed to go to Germany.

They also asked online for help to take Rocco to Germany. Thankfully, one woman, who was with the same flight with them to Argentina, accepted to take the dog with her, and she will meet the couple in Germany when his vaccines come to an end. What a happy ending for Rocco. Watch the video below.

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