Recently Adopted Dog Wakes Mom In The Middle Of Night And Leads Her To Young Son’s Room

Brutus’ owner decided to move away from her home in Tulsa, and instead of taking him with her, she left him in the backyard fenced! So, the neighbors helped him and took him in hopes he could find a forever home.

Thankfully, the pit bull was adopted by a family who has a two-year-old boy called Jason. Amber, Jason’s mother, said that Brutus was meant to be their dog in the exact time. A week later after being adopted, the dog got into Amber’s room in the middle of the night as he wanted to wake her up!

After she woke up, the dog told her to follow him into her son’s room to save him from a seizure! Brutus is able to sense seizures! He now becomes a certified therapy dog! Brutus just paid his debt back to his owners in only one week! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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