Owners Watch As Their Dog Returns From The Woods With A Bear Friend

This good doggo needed to stand up and stretch his legs during a car ride, so his owners pulled over and they all got out to take a break. They stopped alongside a wooded area on a backroad, and the dog went for a quick run into the woods. But little did they expect their pup to return with an unlikely friend…

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Sami Haaranen via YouTube Video



All of a sudden, a black bear comes running out of the woods with the dog following right behind. They appear to be playing and having fun with one another, but when they turn around and run the other way, the owners get nervous about the bear chasing after the dog and try to deter it. They reach for the car door in fear, but the bear just runs back into the woods.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Sami Haaranen via YouTube Video


It seemed like a friendly enough situation, but you can’t blame these people for being cautious. Now they have some pretty incredible footage to look back on! 😱


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Sami Haaranen via YouTube Video


Locals in the mountains of Eastern Canada were relieved to find out that their family dog got nothing but a singular scare from a bear and it prying around with him. Though the bear was not attempting to hunt down and prey on their dog, he was actually just looking for a potential friend after being lonely for so long!


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