Motionless Dog Was Sure That Someone Would Hold Onto Some Hope

A call came to the rescuers of Animal Aid Unlimited about a wounded pup, who was not able to move. When they arrived on the scene, they were completely shocked as the pup laid motionless! They knew they had to do something, so, they picked him up carefully as he had puncture wounds on his neck. They then directly took him to the animal hospital to give treat him.

They knew it was a very difficult mission, but they decided to do whatever it took to save him. So, they gave him a fluid IV and some pain medications, and cleaned his wounds.

It was almost hopeless case as Ray, the dog, was not able to stand by his own, and needed help to eat! Thankfully, with the care and love, he started eating and walking by himself. He is now completely healthy and different! What a turnaround! Watch the video below.

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