Man Advanced, Anxious Mom Hesitated As He Tried To Help Dying Baby

An anxious mother dog laid beside her dying puppy. She was desperate for someone to intervene and help him. Thankfully, rescuers from Animal Aid were called by a passerby who saw the pair on the ground.

Rescuers raced over to save the dying baby. When they arrived, they realized that the little fellow was comatose. They had to get him back to the rescue center quickly!

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube Video

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The puppy was laid gently on an exam table. As the vet and the assistant were examining him, he opened his eyes. It was as if he was waiting for the gentle touch of miracle workers.

But before long, the rescue workers realized he was in severe pain so they put him in a medically-induced coma so he didn’t have to suffer.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube Video

Next, they treated him with IV fluids, pain medication, and life-threatening hypothermia. The tiny pup also had a severe wound on his neck that had to be addressed.

Once they got the pup all fixed up, he was put in a comfy bed for some much-needed rest. Time would tell if this little angel would recover.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube Video

Watch the video to find out the rest of the story. We are so grateful for Animal Aid and rescue workers just like them!

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