Little Dog Who Was Leading Herd Of Sheep, Stops A Man And Asks Him For Help

Mati Lillo, a surveyor, has been working to plot maps by taking measures of a rural region’s land in southern Chile, for a few weeks. It is usually a lonely job, but this time Lillo was not alone!

While doing his job on a dusty road, a flock of sheep was strolling around in the same area! It was obvious that the sheep were misled to the area. After checking the flock, Lillo found a shepherd dog, who seemed to be the guide and protector of the sheep.

Seeing that the sheep were heading in a wrong way, the dog did its best to let them turn to him. However, it was a very complicated mission, so, the dog went to Lillo asking him for a favor, which was helping him to let the sheep turn to him.

Easily, Lillo decided to help the dog as he has been taught to treat animals with love. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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