Little Chihuahua Has Pure Love For The Mailman , He Is Her Entire World

A TikTok account called @lisaandfrannie will surely let you smile after watching its videos. But one recent video, that went viral, is the best. Frannie, the Chihuahua, has fallen in love with “Postman Dan”, the mailman, and since then they’re real friends.

The video shows the dog presenting the birthday gift to the mailman in the most adorable way ever! Everything was ready for this special occasion as it was very important for Frannie.

Many people commented on the video saying that their hearts are warmed after seeing it. One user commented that sharing this love in this video is something that can’t be thanked ever.

Their friendship is inseparable! The mailman also visited the dog to check on her after she had spay surgery. We are sure that their videos are among the most adorable videos you have ever watched. Watch the video below.

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