Husky Saves Two Weeks Old Kitten And She Is Acting Just Like A Dog

This story speaks about a 2-week-old kitten called Rosie, who was on the edge of death when she was found by a sweet Husky called Lilo. The dog was just interested in the small kitten, and decided to be her nanny!

The kitten’s eyes were not even opened when she was found, but she opened them a week later after she was being cared and loved by Lilo and her family. Rosie even started walking by herself.

Lilo’s owner shared on Instagram that Lilo showered Rosie with lots of cuddles, affection, and love as if she were her own. The kitten was almost dead when she was found as she was unconscious, but miraculously, with Lilo’s care, she woke up!

Lilo has been taking care of Rosie by staying by her side and dedicating her life to her. Both pets have created a great, close bond, and they do everything together.

As Rosie is now a grown up, she never leaves her friend’s side! How great! Watch the video below.

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