Fisherman Reacts Fast To Save Baby Moose After Falling Into Water

A baby moose got trapped on sharp rocks of a lake while trying to cross it with its mama. It seemed that the baby moose was not able to swim but its mama was, so, after crossing the lake, the mama went without knowing if she wanted to get help.

Luckily for the baby moose, some passerbys saw the stuck animal and were able to pull it out of the water by lifting it from the rocks. After getting saved, the baby moose was very afraid to the point that it did not want to leave the 2 men as it seemed that it did not know to do.

However, one of the guys put the moose down as he knew that it would rejoin its family as that’s what moose do. But the baby moose had a different opinion as it started following him back. Anyway, the man knew that its family would come back to take it.

Thanks to these 2 heroes who saved this baby moose! Watch the video below.

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