Devastated Mama Dog Lost Her 7 Puppies In Fire, Then She Has Been Showed A Litter Of Orphans

The video below speaks about a mamma dog, who lost her pups because of a fire in the barn. It was in Jessica Woodruff’s barn, that was burned on 20th of February, 2017, which claimed the lives of a litter of three-week-old pups, 4 goats, and a pig.

The 7 pups belong to Daisy, Jessica’s dog, who is a Border Collie mix and Great Pyrenees. She was so heartbroken because of her loss.

Daisy just walked, after few days, by the barn crying. Her owner knew that she had to do something to help her dog and used Facebook. There was a litter of 6 puppies, who had lost their mother. Watch Daisy’s reaction when she saw the puppies, she is so happy. Watch the video below.

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